Have you ever been curious about different methods of online advertising and marketing for your business? Are your current ways of promoting your company or product just not working or delivering your desired results? Well then I have the answer for you, Pixel Advertising. Pixel advertising is a unique concept of advertising online that is affordable, and revolutionary. Pixel Advertising is in simple terms a virtual billboard where companies and businesses will place their advertisement on the website for a minimal cost.

They receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis, and they are very affordable. That is quite a lot of traffic, and is enough to turn any business around. On average, 4% of all website visitors will make a purchase of a product or service that the website offer, if you take 4% of 750 visitors on a daily basis, that’s a potential 30 sales per day, now I don’t know about you, but that would be a lot for my personal business, and I speak from experience as I have already, and still do. I have to say that you must experience it to believe it. The first day after I put my advertisement up, I received 14 sales, 674 visitors, and made $264 profit my first day! Those are real figures, and it has worked for me.

It’s amazing to me how much potential you can have for such a minimal, out of pocket expense advertising campaign that really does convert and deliver. I have spoken to many business and website owners, and they always tell me, I have a professional website, I have a great product to sell, but I do not make enough sale conversions, and my answer time and time again, honestly, is Pixel Advertising. After finding out about it, I have done nothing but spread the word about this form of online marketing and campaigning. I don’t, and will never understand how a business could afford NOT to try it out.

For $20, what do you have to lose? Trust me, you will make 10 times that investment in 1 week easily, with no problem, I did it in my first day after posting on there. When I first started dong online advertising, I was using Google, Yahoo, and some Social Media advertising websites, but it became too costly, and ineffective.  Now only has it helped my website achieve more traffic and sales, but it has helped my page ranking with Google. Once you post your advertisement and begin getting tons of traffic, Google will consider your page being popular and important, and will begin to place you higher on their search engines.

This will skyrocket your business and website, and you will see a huge difference in your traffic, sales and leads. Once you rank up and start getting traffic, there is no going back. You’re only problem will be having too much business, and trust me, that’s a problems any business or website would love to have.