One of the common mistakes that newbie Internet marketers make is to fail to find and market to a clearly defined micro-niche market. That is probably why almost 95% of small Internet businesses fail. If you try to compete with established businesses in broad markets such as internet marketing or self improvement without doing anything to narrow down your market you will be up against some very tough competition from the most established and most experienced and most successful marketers on the Internet. On the other hand, someone who has a viable product or service of their own to offer to a narrow and clearly defined segment of a particular market will stand a much better chance of succeeding online even without any prior experience at all.

Starting with a unique product of your own that has a well-defined market appeal gives you a built-in advantage because it is relatively easy for you to achieve top rankings across the whole spectrum of search engines simply by writing about your product and posting your articles on your website and on your blog. Even if you have no knowledge of Search Engine Optimization techniques or keyword research, you still stand a good chance of success because the keywords you need for your products will naturally occur in the process of writing about them. Since you are one of the few people to be writing on that particular topic, merely by publishing your articles on your site you are likely to hit page one of Google without doing anything else.

If there is a market for your product, your articles and blog posts will begin to attract a trickle of highly targeted traffic to your website. Now, provided that you have made it easy for people to purchase your products, and as long as the prices are within expectations, your chances of converting a reasonable percentage of that traffic into sales is actually quite high. The reason for this is that anybody who uses a search engine to find your page will have entered a highly specific search phrase and it is often the case that the more specific search phrase is, the more commercial intent there is behind the search.

Of course, your results will improve if you apply SEO techniques to your web pages, and more actively seek out and cultivate your market on the Internet, but you can get a long way simply by writing about your niche product and benefiting from the long tail keyword phrases that occur as a natural result of what you write. It is important to promote yourself. By promoting your name in forums, traffic exchanges, and blog comments you are growing the business of you. Instead of searching for just one particular product people will begin to associate you as a source of many quality products.

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