Maybe lots of people haven’t had the opportunity to get accessibility to this considering that the fact is that Google is relatively brand new and you could only get access to this only by means of request only. So I could figure out if you don’t get a Gmail account or perhaps an active profile, you wouldn’t be capable to see this. So sorry to all of the MSN, Live users, Yahoo users and so forth. But try and get Gmail account because by setting up a Gmail account and having access to Google which is the all new social networking tool, its more likely to explode very well. I’m sure that at this stage in time its still early but if they’ve had 10 million plus people come onto their social network system Google then I understand that this will perform perfectly in the end.

And its just essentially like those in the Facebook  for Facebook as the truth is that its just nearly modeled off very much like Facebook. The only real difference is that Google just boosted it and you will want to move over to something that’s already integrated with say your Gmail accounts, your Calendar, your Documents, Photos, and I’m a very strong devoted user of Google applications so that’s why you already can perhaps see that I like Google. First off, it looks similar to how Facebook is at which you’ve got your sidebar and likewise too you’ve got like a Welcome page and stuff.

But generally once you are in, it usually shows your stream and it just shows all the people that you’ve subscribed to, or following or so on and typical stuff that you see on Facebook and you’re more than welcome to leave comments, share this, and take a look at what other people are saying. On the right hand side, you’ll notice that there are people in your circles and Ill just provide you with what circles are. Simply circles is just a method to label your entire different friends, family, church people, business contacts and so forth into separate circles so that way its effortlessly found. And as well too, only share to that specific target group so there’s obviously no reason for you to share all of your business information to all of your family and friends because they’d not be interested.

In case you prefer to share photos, personal things that have been taking place to all your friends, you can just select that group and let them know. There’s also possibilities for you to manage to hop in to what they call hangouts which is down here on the left and that’s just another technique to manage to connect with your entire friends, or contacts and stuff utilizing a live webcam. Yet another thing as well, lately I’ve just integrated similar application which is what we call Sparks and you can view all of your Facebook feeds and Twitter. Like me I’ve got Facebook account and as well I’ve got Twitter account and I receive many different questions and the like by means of these accounts and likewise I’ve got different feeds, you can actually see all these all at one location inside Google which is great because I don’t like to keep jumping into Facebook to see whats happening too.

On my little thing here its called SG so if you prefer to set it up, you need to have Chrome, which is Google Chrome the web browser and its called SG which is like a plug-in which combines with Google and it enables you to manage to share for example your Twitter, your Facebook, those two things. So its really, really superb and its quite simple to apply for me. And if you haven’t looked at Google, you certainly should find out about it because its the cleanest setting I’ve ever seen for a social networking site and the simplest and easiest to implement.

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